• My Maltese Mooshi age 13 became very sick and we thought he was dying. 
    My husband and I were not happy with our current vet. Mooshi was prescribed Tussigone for a collapsing trachea and we were handed a brochure for surgery. 
    After a bad week of seeing my baby suffer I decided to find a holistic vet. 
    I went to see Dr. Brown at EAST WEST VETERINARY CENTER. I knew the moment we walked through the center we were in the right place. I was so scared I thought the Dr. would say my baby needed to be put down. 
    Dr Brown diagnosed him with congested heart failure and a collapsing trachea. She prescribed 5 medicines that we took home. Within 3 days Mooshi was doing much better. We made an appt. to see a cardiologist the next week, that Dr. Brown suggested, to fine tune his medicines. Aside from being greeted warmly, waiting in a room overlooking a canal, listening to soothing music and being told that medicines could be prescribed that would help his condition, I would say we hit a home run. 
    Also we received a welcome card from EAST WEST VET where 5 employees personally signed the card. 
    I brought each of the 5 employees including Dr. Brown a custom designed bouquet of roses to express my gratitude. 
    Moral of this story is to get a second opinion if you are not happy with your vet or if you are looking for vet I strongly suggest you go to East West Vets.