East West House Cat

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Good Meownings humans and fellow companions! I would like to introduce myself, for now, as the East West house cat. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a grey/white Domestic Shorthair with a rough start at life. (Don’t worry I am living the good life now). So here it goes, you might want to grab a tissue. On a warm, scary day in July of 2010. I was chucked out the window of a moving car. Crazy I know! Who would do such a thing? I thought I was going to die. Until this kind human, Dixie Brown, saved me. After taking me to her clinic, she determined I had a dead leg and I also had a problem with my eye on the same side(left). Amputation of the front left leg was subsequently deemed necessary. Following recovery, I was left with my 3 legs and a scar on my eye. I know what you ladies are thinking…*wow he’s so tough* yeah….I am. I’m cute too, I know it! Everyone tells me! After being nursed back to health, I was updated with all of my vaccines, and I now skip around the clinic during the day. Being a 3 legged cat with no name at the time came with a long debate about what to call me. Ultimately they settled on the name Skip. So hi pals, I’m Skip. I’ll periodically give you updates about how it’s going around here and I hope to see you at your pets’ next visit to the Vet! I don’t want to sound biased here, but East West….. inarguably the greatest. So, I know I will see you soon! I’m so excited!

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